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Submitted on
March 5, 2007



I think now it's some kinda lame joke between Devart and Me (and I suppose the jerk who keeps on reporting me ... and I guess I know who it could be.....).
SO. I decided to thank everyone for the 11k visits and for all the supports I get ^^

and I decided to thank Devart for teaching me what REAL Nude Art is. now I know °3°
so here it is, my new stuff:…
yeah I knwo, it ain't Rogue naked, it ain't freakin' Sakura boobies, it ain't even pretty and beautiful to look at....
but this, I guess and I really think, is not insulting any Naruto fan, is not showing underage sex (believe me, I'm far from 18 and 21 .... poor ol' me...), it ain't showing genital part or the act of S.E.X.
so are we cool ? are we okay?

guess I won't know so soon, because I've decided to take a cool Devart break for a know, Real Like is already pissing enough, I don't wanna get any trouble and the fake internet life... I have two books to ccok , one for this week, one for next month, I have my personnal blog (… french), so ....

I'll try to come by here in a moment, I sincerely hope my page will be still here and if so, I'll post new stuffs...

thanks everyone, I hope I'll see you soon ^^
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Pink
  • Reading: nothing... have to work ;3;
  • Watching: Galactica season 1
  • Playing: FFXII... Zelda.... which one? gimme time!
  • Eating: chocolate
  • Drinking: diet coke
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electric-goldfish Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
So sorry this has finally made you go away from DevArt. Hopefully we can still see your art somewhere. Be well.
Zage56 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2007
Hope to see you back soon. I really enjoyed your art!
fabianfucci Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2007  Professional Filmographer
Banned once, posted twice. ;)
Chocotastic Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2007
Hey deka, you got a sheezy art page? Coz if not maybe you shouyld consider making one. I personally don;t think its as good a system as DA, a bit harder to use somtimes, but there is censorship.
dekarogue Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2007  Professional Artist
I don't know what it is -___-
Chocotastic Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2007

There, i haf linked it.

Its like deviant art, but i think it was actually created by some people who got sick of da's censorship and whatnot.
dekarogue Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2007  Professional Artist

ooooooh, I gotta see that 3
Stephenzxap Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2007
you mean whatever is left of your page.
dekarogue Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2007  Professional Artist
why? you gonna report me ? ;)
Stephenzxap Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2007
It depend what kindof report do you want?
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