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oh my ! it's been almost five monthes since I've updated this journal! and still, I have nothing interesting to say.....

well... I work a lot (I guess), so....

I just wish a Happy New Year to everyone! (original, ain't it ?)

2008 is supposed to be a huge year for me, for this will be the launch of my new on-going serie, "Magical JanKen Pon", my "I've made it on my own all by myself look at me" super hero "manka like" comic book. yeah, I'm kinda anxious.
"Serge the Hamster from Hell" should be back too somewhere between september and decembre (I hope), and "Sentaï School" too... with a bug surprise (still crossing fingers, nothing's done yet)
the other book I'm working on, "Street Footbal" (from the french tv cartoon) should have vol. 7 and 8 (and maybe 9?) coming during the year.
and another book I've been working on almost two years ago, "Departement Delta", is finally going to be published! yipee!

so... 2008 is planning to be busy...hope it will be... cuz I love that ! :boogie:

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I've just read the news.
i couldn't believe it. I thought it was a horrible, cruel and nasty joke, the lamest ans stupiest I've ever heard, but this is sadly tru. Mike Wieringo is gone, due to a heart attack yesterday.
I remember the first comic I've read with his art, it was a miniserie dedicated to ... Rogue... and it was so great. not beacause it was Rogue, but because there was this new artist, with his own particular style, so fresh and new. I loved everything he drew. Tellos was awesome, his Spiderman was so fun  and cool.
I can't find more words, so here is his Devart gallery, where I learned that the man was also very cool, kind and humble:
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okay, so I've been trying to submit "new" pics and to change old ones.
I wanted to make preview pics warning aboiut the mature content of the art, but couldn't find out how to do that.
so instead I submitted the preview as art, and in the description I give a link to the entire pic, on my website.

it seems that is BAAAAAAD. so bad. I DIDN'T KNOW :(

so please stop sending me notes telling me that I'm gonna burn in Hell and whatever, and instead why don't you explain me how to post a preview pic that works ? :)

I just wanna the things to be done the good way, so please while I'm trying to learn how to feature a mature art with a preview, please don't report me and make my pics erased ^^;

anyone can teach me ? ;3;
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hey hey hey !

I work a lot.
I work very very hard.
so I took my first days off for almost 10 years.(no kiddding)
been to Japan. seen the world.
then I come back to France, to my computer, and see that TONIGHT Devart erased one of my pic.
and I know this time it's personal. that some S.O.B. is reporting me without any reason, because the deleted pic was... A PREVIEW PIC!



you know, I had this art of Hinata from naruto, yeah, Naked. but the pic was not on Devart. it was on MY website.
"yeah, but you can't post links or whatsoever"... you could say, if you're one of the devart minions.
yeah. sure. oh, by the way, did I mention that the link were leading NOWHERE because my website died during my vacation?
yep, Devart erased a PREVIEW PIC of A HEAD leading NOWHERE.

yeah, I know, my art is soooooooooooooooooo provocative and explicit. I DRAW HEADS!! BEAWARE, THOU WEAK HUMANS, FOR THE FRENCH GUY IS DRAWING FLOATING HEADS ! (yesterday I heard a priest whispering I already have my own room in Hell)

so yeah. I'm kinda depressed. I work very hard, I work very very hard on my art. I don't have any holidays, I'm not making many money for my living. but some kinda portuguese guy just hate my work because I don't draw the Naruto characters like he wish them to be, so my art is being erased one by one, day by day. So... guess I will forget about the nude art. I will draw bunnies with flowers.

OR I could just forget about this silly place, get my head off of my ass , and go back to see the real world like I did during the last weeks. and you what? that was REALLY GOOD.

so see ya. I will post some innocent stuffs once in a while. thanks for all of you who fav my art and send me comments, but sorry: one jerk spoiled it all, and I'm fed up with Devart.
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okay, so I'm noty dead and I'm stiil here ^^

I've juste started working on my new book, Magical JanKen Pon (MJKP), who will be released any time in 2008. which is frustrating because the book is plmanned to be done before novembre 2007 ! but I have to take time so I can start working on volume 2 before the first one is out, then I'll be able to start working on my other series and every book will be plublished in time ... man, working on several series is a hell of a social life killer ! (by the way, I'm looking for friends in the real life, I've lost many because I was working too much :D ).
anyway, MJKP 's gonna be in a manga style: 150/170 pages, black and white, book of a Naruto's or One Piece's volume's size. the pitch is simple: super hero ! but shonen super hero, more like a japanese hero like in, tokusatsu series (Kamen Rider, Dekaranger).

okay, now I have to go back to work, I've just finished ONE page and I'm talking like the book is done ! anything can happen (hey, pianos could fall on my head, who know? or I could get chicken pots (is that the word for that itchy disease ?)) yeah, I'm really superstitious... SO i'd better stop talking nonsense and go back to work ....
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okayyyyy, so one of my pics 's been erased one more time... and it's not even a RECENT pic, it's an OLD PIC, one of the first I've been submitting.... one of the most populars too.... there it is…

so I guess that's it... devart won.... I have some kind of evil nemesis watching over my bloody head, waiting for me to post any art to delete some other and drive me nuts ...
guess what ? I don't give a tiny rat's ass anymore.. I have a real life you know? I have my work, I have published one book this year, one more is coming next week (or next month), and two more are cominc before summer.... I also have my blogs and my forums to chat with decent people, where we can say anything without being censored...

I don't know where Devart is from : UK ? USA ? anyway, it's a big, beautiful country, where you can post nazis flag, but never, ever see a boobie...

so I've tried to submit the erased pic one more time... maybe the guy in the shadow (who thinks he's such a mighty god he doesn't even contact me... hey man... sorry, God... I just wanna talk with uou ! are you affraid ? what? you're 14? you think I'm gonna yell at you and mommy would have to make cookies to stop you crying ??), maybe this so brave guy will delete my account.  I just want a chance to talk with you.

Devart is a place to share ART. ART means LIBERTY. I thought liberty was an important concept to you american and english people... it's not anymore ? because playing the god in the shades makes us artist feel like there is a bloody Big Brother in the area.

please. if you have integrity and courage, contact me. show me you' re not some fascist.

waiting for your answer.
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okay, so I have FINALLY finished my last book (at least the interior pages...) so I guess I'll have more time to do some new deviations... can't post anything new today, cuz I'm actually going to Paris for a manga convention this week end, to sign for the release of my new book (not the one I've finished, another one ! yeah, I have many books cooking this year ...)

meanwhile I leave you with my ... well...…
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I think now it's some kinda lame joke between Devart and Me (and I suppose the jerk who keeps on reporting me ... and I guess I know who it could be.....).
SO. I decided to thank everyone for the 11k visits and for all the supports I get ^^

and I decided to thank Devart for teaching me what REAL Nude Art is. now I know °3°
so here it is, my new stuff:…
yeah I knwo, it ain't Rogue naked, it ain't freakin' Sakura boobies, it ain't even pretty and beautiful to look at....
but this, I guess and I really think, is not insulting any Naruto fan, is not showing underage sex (believe me, I'm far from 18 and 21 .... poor ol' me...), it ain't showing genital part or the act of S.E.X.
so are we cool ? are we okay?

guess I won't know so soon, because I've decided to take a cool Devart break for a know, Real Like is already pissing enough, I don't wanna get any trouble and the fake internet life... I have two books to ccok , one for this week, one for next month, I have my personnal blog (… french), so ....

I'll try to come by here in a moment, I sincerely hope my page will be still here and if so, I'll post new stuffs...

thanks everyone, I hope I'll see you soon ^^
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So I am having a really bad monday morning, and when I come to my DA page I see two notes of my best friends (DA administrators) saying that two more of my devs have been deleted without any reason. so.
I guess someone's just against me and persecuting me. no other reason. seriously, have seen many devs here on DA with many more sexuality between characters, showing p*ssies and p*nis, but that's okay with them .

So the only REAL reason for that is they MAYBE looked under 18. (which they not, but maybe I'm just a bad artist ... )so I submitted the pic after making some rearrrangement on them.

so those characters on those deviations are NOT UNDER EIGHTEEN. they are MATURE . they are fanarts but I've decided to draw them OVER EIGHTEEN.
so if the pics are deleted one more time, if my account is close, I really don't understand. hey, maybe the liberty of art is just dead?
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okay, so it seems I already hit 8000 pages viewed (can't complain about that), so a huge THANK YOUUUUUUUUU to all who made this possible ^^
right now I'm working on some "thank you" drawing for my... well, it was meant to be for my 7000 hits, then my 8000... okay, let's say (and hope) it will be ready for my 10 000th page viewed ^^;

I'd like to say one more time thanks to all who watch and comment my art, I try to take the time to answer to everyone but it's very hard, so if I forget you please don't be mad at me -___-

I've decided to update my journal first to say thanks, but also to cut the polemical thread created by my previous journal entry... I'm getting messages tellins that I'm kinda stupid and I don't know that Swasstika is a buddhist symbol... like I didn't know that. like the things I saw on DA were buddhists. but HEY! let's STOP talking about that okay ? ;)
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okay, so one mroe of my deviation's just been removed. so for you know, it was just a small fanart of Hinata and Sakura from Naruto, naked, holding each other in their arms, BUT THERE WAS NOTHING SEXUAL IN THIS PIC. no sexuality, no sexual act, no touching on the sexual areas, no fluids, not even a lubric look in the eyes! FUCKING NOTHING!
but DA just decided to remove it, without letting me any chance to explain it.....

on the other hand, I saw many, MANY pepole here on DA who as NAZI FLAGS as avatar, or NAZI CROSS as deviations... AND DA LET THIS HAPPEN!
so waht ? what's more important ? what's more to blame ? showing a DRAWING of two girls naked and... well... making the act of LOVE (even if in MY drawings there was nothing so sexualy involved)? or showing the flag and symbol of people who killed BILLIONS of other people during a war that set an entire world on fire ?
naaaah, let's blame the guys who show some sexy stuffs, it is very well known that nipples kill children every days.... boobies slaughtered the jewish during WWII, and nazis are just pure angels, let them spread all over the internet !

so maybe for DA people, who live in the USA, the law is not the same as here. maybe for you it is normal to leave people spreading the hatred alone and cool, and it is horrrible to see just a tiny pubic hair.
but here, in fucking old Europa, we didn't forget what happened here. we know what this fucking cross mean and yeah, we don't like it a lot.

so yeah, I don't understand why you remove my sexy deviations and let that happen on the other hand. I could be jewish, for example. I could find myself veryu, very offended and sue you for closing your eyes on things that are insult to an entire religion!
so go on, keep on pretend you're righteous and noble, keep on removing little sketches of naked chicks, and keep on closing your eyes on the hatred and the religious insults.....

I really hope some DA administrator's going to read this, and I really want to talk to someone. I hope my gallery won't be shut down, I hope that we live in a world where we're still able to communicate as civilised pepole, because shutting my gallery down without a warning would be, like, the end of all artistic liberty. thank you, I hope someone will talk to me and will explain me why there is such a "classification" on the removed items....
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so yeah, I already hit 7000 hits. I should be more than happy, but I feel frustrated....

first, I didn't have time tto draw something special for the 7000 hit...

but I'm kinda pissed because DA erased one of my pic (… - mature people only thanks!!!!) without really telling me why.
okay, so first I'd like to understand. yeah, I know I draw naked women, those two where kinda making sexy things, but it wasn't porn at all, we were just seeing two booobs, and there was even some humour in it... so why? I'vee seen far worse here on Devart... porn, very explicit yaoi (which is fine for me), even photographies of women spreading their legs, without any removing.... so why me ? ;3;

which really pisses me off, is that when they decide to remove one of your pic, they don't let you a chance to explain. okay, so I can understand that DA people would want to erase my yuri thing, but first I'd like to talk with them, explaining them  what I do and that it's not porn or offensive... so, Devart people, why don't you wanna talk with me ;3;

I don't mean to be offensive, aggressive or explicit or anything... I certainly don't want my account to be suspended, so devart people, if you read this, I'm just a cool guy who want a chance to show his art ;)
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okay, so I just noticed that my DA page had hit 6000 page viewed, which is awesome considering that I am a member for less than 2 months....
I wanted to do something special for my 5000 pages viewed, thinking that would be like, in a million years... but here it is, already 6000... so I hope I'm gonna find time to draw something special (nude? non nude? START THE FIGHT ! :D ), but I have soooooo much work right now... I'm working on 3 comic books at the same time, (and I'm supposed to be working on a 4th one, but I can't find time for this one ;___; ) and it's pretty hard to draw something else... but I'm definitely gonna try !

Anyway, thanks to all who allowed me to hit those 6000 pages viewed, I love DA ^^

thanks everybody ^^
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well, first I hope I'm doing the right thing here, 'cuz I've never done this journal thing before....

I'd like to post a pic here too, but man! computer and internet are my nemesis :p

so, first of all, I'd like to thank everyone who added me to their favs or frineds, or commented my art ^3 ^
thanks guys! I love DeviantArt :D

then, I wish to everyone passing by a MERRY CHRISTMAS (yeah, again :p) and a little early a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
tonight I'm leaving France to go ... well to the end of the world to celebrate New Year's Eve, so I won't be there for a week (and maybe more if the plane... well, I ain't joking, I'm really REALLY scared in planes, that totally freaks me out).
so, if you left me a note or a comment or a proposal for a date, a marriage or anything (:p ), please be patient and I'll answer back when I get home on januray 4rd (if I get ho... dammit I shoulda go by boat! )

thanks again, Happy New Year ^^

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